Time to redefine masculinity?

Dear Men,
It all began from home once when you saw your family with drooped shoulders as you welcomed your baby sister into the world - because she was "not very fair", when she was told she couldn't ride a bike as you boasted of your new ride in your neighborhood, when you were taught to be aggressive and not hold back when another kid from the block dares to punch you - but not to shed a tear, EVER! The stories you heard and the movies you saw taught you that objectifying women as things is completely natural - "You're the best thing I've ever laid my eyes upon and I won't let you away from my sight." Probably every billboard taught you women need to be flawless for "your consumption" and you need to be rugged - dare you look "feminine" for that's an insult to your manhood. When a classmate was labeled an opportunist just because she scored better and snubbed the advances of your hormonally-charged friends, you really wan…

The Magnolia

The magnolia bloomed again, you think, as you peek outside the window.
Alas, it's your wife's perfume, yet again.
Once, spring used to be real. Pen down words that are raw, for raw is beautiful. And the rest? Mere illusion.

Pink or Blue - It's not a colorful thought!

I wonder if it wasn't for gender, how would friendship be, how would the notion of romance be, how would we be? His and her is drilled in our head by school, media and even families, so it's difficult to imagine any role at home, workplace or among friends that isn't influenced by how a person should act, feel, love basis their gender!

Isn't it time for families to teach children to feel loved rather than how to love, to speak up rather than thinking twice before saying a word because they are the "weaker sex" or be the only one to raise their voice and finger of course at home for being the "man of the house"?

Shouldn't everyone be allowed to be sensitive because we are creatures that feel, and mind you, not from the heart but the mind - another stereotype. Should I go with my heart against the "norms" or should I listen to my mind? Really? Your heart pumps blood and yes till it does, you'll live but it's your brain that m…

The walls

Will a day come when the walls will be so high that we can't see the sun and the moon?

Who is a man?

Who is a man, dad? The one who is strong enough to take control, Son. Really! I will grow up to be a man like mom one day.


We think stars are to be wished on, night to be tiptoed through, day to be run from. World is just a piece of our imagination.

Dear dandelion

Hold on, dear dandelion. I know you don't belong here. Just wait for the wind before you let go, my brave one.