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10 May 2016

The walls

Will a day come when the walls will be so high that we can't see the sun and the moon?


Who is a man?

Who is a man, dad? The one who is strong enough to take control, Son. Really! I will grow up to be a man like mom one day.



We think stars are to be wished on, night to be tiptoed through, day to be run from. World is just a piece of our imagination.


Dear dandelion

Hold on, dear dandelion. I know you don't belong here. Just wait for the wind before you let go, my brave one.


Growing up?

We grow up and forget what we should hold on to, remembering only everything bitter. That's how we destroy ourselves.


The room

The room in our head, the corner we fill with flowers but weeds too. Sometimes they wither and die. Sunlight still finds a way in.